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nalsc1's podcast

Sep 7, 2022

In this episode, NALSC President Mitch Satalof interviews board member Patrick Moya; Board member Scott Love interviews Gary Miles to discuss his fall symposium presentation: The Data Behind the Shifting DEI Landscape

Aug 2, 2022

Mitch Satalof interviews Kathy Richardson.  

Scott Love interviews fall symposium keynote speaker Jason Feifer.

Apr 11, 2022

In this Episode, NALSC president Mitch Satalof interviews Valerie Fontaine, and Raphael Franze interviews Dan Binstock on his conference panel "Sensitive Situations". 

Jan 18, 2022

In our inaugural episode of "Recruiter Stories", NALSC President Mitch Satalof interviews Ross Weil and Keith Fall with Walker Associates in New York City. 

NALSC Board Member Scott Love interviews Pat Gillette, keynote speaker at the 2022 NALSC Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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