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nalsc1's podcast

Dec 18, 2023

In this episode, tune in to learn some of the ideas and talking points that two of our speakers will be sharing with us during our annual conference in San Diego at the Pendry, Feb 29 to March 2nd.

Opening Session: “The Four Great Truths”
Opening speaker: Rob Mosley - Managing Partner of Learning & Development at Next Level Exchange.  In a highly interactive session filled with practical takeaways, we will learn where ‘what is smart’ meets ‘what is right’ in our industry. Exercises and tailored worksheets will cover Awareness, Behavior, Diagnosis, and Value Proposition. Learn how to better anticipate and understand how candidates and clients think when they are making important decisions around the value we bring to them.

Keynote Presentation with Legal Industry Influencer Alex Su, Esq. on Friday March 1st

Alex Su will share anecdotes from his career in law & technology and provide specific strategies for using LinkedIn to make more placements with minimum time and effort. Using real examples from his own LinkedIn history, in addition to some customized from those in our audience, Alex will demonstrate tactical approaches to maximize your social media efforts. These include how to identify your target audience, create a profile that attracts the right people, easily connect through comments and direct messages, and create authentic and effective content that gets you in front of your intended audience to drive business results.